.andworkers interview #Enrique, a Architect from Spain

Meet Enrique, a modern-day architect from Spain who embarked on a new chapter of his life in Japan a year and a half ago. On days he’s not dedicated to work, you can find Enrique wanderlusting around the city, snapping pictures of unique houses or capturing landscapes with his drone. A keen enthusiast of art, he frequently visits galleries and music festivals, all while keeping his body sharp with daily running or cycling.

From : Spain, Granada
Since : 1996
.andwork user since : May 2023


Hey Enrique, could you tell me more about your profession? 

Sure. I work remotely as an architect for a company based in Switzerland. My primary work involves virtual building modeling – for those unfamiliar with architectural terminology – basically imagine transforming traditional paper-based building plans into its interactive 3D versions. Afterwards, fellow architects use these models to refine the layout and design of the space.


What brought you to Tokyo last year ? 

It is an architect’s dream to live here. Japan has many world-class architects, and Tokyo stands as an architectural wonderland, filled with conceptual buildings that often grace the covers of architecture magazines. Just take a stroll around any neighborhood, and you’ll be fascinated every time.

Tokyo continues to amaze me. It’s one of the largest cities in the world, yet it maintains an astonishing level of cleanliness and organization. Everything, from transportation to queuing, is very well planned.

I suppose public toilets serve as a good example of both architectural mastery and the high level of attention to detail ingrained in Japanese society. Many public toilets around Tokyo are designed by renowned architects, who have crafted unique buildings that are kept spotlessly clean by public cleaning services. From a European standpoint, the concept of designing a beautiful building for a public toilet may seem absurd – after all, it’s not a place anyone ever wants to go. Yet here, it works flawlessly.

Enrique’s favourite public bathroom
Nishisando by Sousuke Fujimoto


Can you share with me a bit about what keeps you motivated at work? 

Absolutely. What truly motivates me is witnessing the constant evolution of the architecture field. With advancements like AI and updated design programs, the potential for innovation is immense. Being in Japan, where digital work is highly advanced, adds an extra layer of excitement. It’s definitely an ideal environment for those passionate about pushing boundaries and exploring modern approaches.

Another important aspect is not working in isolation. Before discovering .andwork, I worked from home, which was challenging. However, here at .andwork I have fellow workers around me, and the atmosphere of a shared office helps me stay focused.


What made you choose .andwork Shibuya ?

I explored several places before choosing .andwork. As a non-Japanese-speaking foreigner, I faced difficulties due to limited English support or exclusive Japanese user bases. At .andwork, both English-speaking staff and a global user community are available.

On top of that, regular community events, like dinner parties, offer great networking opportunities.
Personally, I prioritize a cozy atmosphere, which .andwork provides with two lounges offering different vibes, plenty of plants, and big windows with a lot of sunlight. It’s far from the stifling atmosphere of a traditional office. Moreover, there’s a communal kitchen available for cooking or reheating lunch, which is very convenient. 


Japan has recently implemented a Nomad Visa and many foreign guests come to work from Japan. Would you recommend .andwork to them? 

Of course. .Andwork provides various memberships, including 24-hour access for those who may need to work during different time zones. There are daily packs and short term memberships as well.

The facility operates as a hotel too – providing opportunities to interact with tourists excited about being in Japan, especially during the beer hour!

I think there are not many places like .andwork – with convenient business hours, reasonable pricing and international guests, so I would recommend it to anyone.

Last point I would highlight is the staff themselves – they are very friendly and attentive, always trying to improve the environment – such as tailoring the background music or exchanging the chairs for more comfortable ones etc. Overall, .andwork is a great co-working space. 

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