【.andwork shibuya / kyoto】Launch of 24/7 Digital Nomad Weekly Pass

The hotel-integrated coworking space, .andwork, is launching a weekly plan tailored for digital nomads.

Throughout the pandemic, remote work and location-independent working have become widespread across the globe. In this context, countries around the world have been introducing digital nomad visas, and this April, Japan has finally joined the movement.

.andwork is starting to offer a weekly plan that allows for flexible stays in Japan’s cutting-edge “Shibuya” and the international tourist city of “Kyoto,” where tradition and innovation converge, attracting significant interest from digital nomads worldwide.

Since the lifting of border measures in October 2022, .andwork has welcomed many international users. At .andwork Shibuya, over 30% of our annual membership last year was comprised of digital nomads from abroad.

Previously, our 24-hour access was available only through the monthly plan, but now we are introducing a weekly plan that allows for 24/7 access.

24/7 Nomad Weekly Pass

▼Eligible Locations
.andwork Shibuya, .andwork Kyoto

From 1 week up to 4 week

▼Usage Time
24/7 access. However, there are restrictions on check-in times.
.andwork Shibuya: 7:00-24:00
.andwork Kyoto: 8:00-23:00

▼Start Date
.andwork Shibuya: From April 10, 2024 (Wednesday)~
.andwork Kyoto: From April 15, 2024 (Monday)~

▼Application Method
1. Please register for a free .andwork membership.
2. Apply through this form.

After applying, we will send you an invoice and instructions on how to use the service. Please ensure payment is made by the day before your start date.

Why .andwork is the Perfect Choice for Digital Nomads

・A Variety of Plans

Choose a plan that suits your usage scenario and lifestyle. We offer a wide range of plans, from as short as 1 hour to monthly subscriptions, and our normal business hours are extended.

Hourly use / Daily use / Tickets

Basic / Night & weekend / Unlimited

・A Global Community Environment

Being attached to a hotel, the coworking space is a comfortable space filled with guests, including those from overseas, as well as other users. Our staff can assist in multiple languages, including Japanese and English, ensuring smooth communication for any inquiries or assistance needed.

We offer daily free beer hours and regular community events, providing opportunities for hotel guests and coworking space users to mingle and communicate freely. It’s recommended for those who wish to network!

・Located in Tourist Destinations

For digital nomads who work while traveling, the proximity of “WORK,” “STAY,” and “PLAY” greatly enriches their experience. .andwork is located in Japan’s leading tourist cities, including Shibuya and Kyoto, enabling a lifestyle that feels like “living as you stay, working as you play, and traveling as you work.”

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