Work between Life.

Life between Work.

Creative Workspaces

in Stylish Boutique Hotels

.andwork offers you a spacious creative workspace
in the lobbies of Japan’s most stylish boutique hotels.

In an era where remote work is the norm,
the line between life and work has become more fluid.
No longer relegated to offices and rigid schedules,
we have the choice to choose when and where we work.

Working from home is comfortable,
but often uninspiring and mentally draining.
Working at a cafe might increase productivity,
but the workspace itself is cramped and uncomfortable at best.

.andwork provides a new working environment
that rivals working from home, cafe and co-working space.
Enjoy our spacious common areas and modern facilities
while interacting with hotel guests
and digital nomads from all over the world.

Experience a stimulating and stylish environment
that sparks your boundless creativity.

Aim for an Ideal

Work-Life Merge

We’re all too familiar with the term ‘work-life balance’.
However, the recent mass move to work from home
has rendered this concept all but obsolete.

Work-life balance is in desperate need of a refresh.

Nowadays, experts talk about achieving an ideal work-life merge.

We live in an always-on, tech-heavy society
where keeping busy is worn as a badge of honor.
While switching off is nearly impossible,
it is critical to our mental health and well-being
to appropriately blend our constant availability
to work with the things in life that bring us joy.

The goal is to avoid what experts refer to as an exhaustion funnel,
where one's work becomes a priority over sleeping and relationships
and maintain an environment where people are nurtured instead of stressed.

.andwork provides a modern soluition for an ideal work-life merge
by providing stylish and stimulating environments
with hotel ammenities where guests and digital nomads
can inspire one another to work, play and spark their boundless creativity.

An office

as your third place

After the new coronavirus took a toll on our society,
teleworking progressed at a rapid pace around the world.
However, the home environment is not always ideal
when it comes to productivity or creativity.

While the idea was there for centuries,
in 2000, American sociologist Ray Oldenburg,
explored the idea of a "third place."
A public, social place outside of home and work.

Separate from home (1st) and work (2nd),
third places have taken on a new luster in recent years
as companies discover the value of third places inside the office.
Casual spaces where employees can share a drink,
and connect with colleagues in a relaxed, informal environment.

"An office as your third place"
.andwork is making a promise to future generations.
Creating new work culture for tomorrow's society.

Work, Nap, Work, Beer!

Enjoy hotel services at your office

Hotel Amenities At Your Disposal

From free coffee to enjoy a nice nap in a guest room,
enjoy all the services of a hotel at your office!

Have a nice coffee in the morning and take a nap in the afternoon.
At the end of the day, cheers with free beers during the Happy Hour! Work the hotel life.

Exclusive Hotel Discounts

.andwork members can enjoy exclusive discounts on all the hotels from the Lively Hotels group.

Nap Service

Relax and energize yourself with a nice Power Nap in one of our comfy hotel beds. ※i

Shower Service

Perfect for anyone who needs to cooldown and refresh after working long hours. ※i

Free Beverages

Need a break? Enjoy a large selection of unlimited hot drinks available in the hotel lounge. ※ii

Happy Hour Everyday

Having a long day? We got you! Free beer service available every day between 5:30PM - 6:30PM

Global Community

The perfect environment to network: Interact with locals and digital nomads from all over the world.

※i Only at Shibuya and Kyoto
※ii Coffee only available at .andwork Okinawa

Drop in and try it for yourself!

Available from as little as one hour.

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